Monetisation Policy

Our Monetisation Policy

At AussieOutpost, we value the integrity and balance of our gaming environment. Our primary source of revenue comes from a priority queue system and voluntary donations from our community. We are deeply committed to ensuring that our server remains free from 'Pay to Win' mechanics. We firmly believe that all players should have equal opportunity and access to gameplay features, irrespective of their financial contributions.

Priority Queue

Supporters who contribute financially will be granted a Priority Queue status. This means that during peak times or high server load, these supporters will have priority access to the server.


We gratefully accept donations from those who wish to support AussieOutpost. These funds go directly back into maintaining and improving the server. Donors will not receive any gameplay advantages, but will receive our heartfelt gratitude and the knowledge that they're helping to keep AussieOutpost running.

Against 'Pay to Win'

We believe that 'Pay to Win' mechanics undermine the spirit of fair play and are committed to avoiding them. No gameplay advantages, special items, or power-ups will be sold for real money. Every player, regardless of their contribution level, will experience the same gameplay opportunities and challenges.